Advice For Betting on NBA All-Star Weekend

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

ATLANTA Ga. - NBA All-Star weekend is back! Even with COVID-19 the league still finds a way to hold the game and events.

There are a few differences from the year before. Most noted is that there will not be a Rising Stars Game. The NBA is putting every event on Sunday March 6, 2021.

The events will be as followed:

Skills Challenge

6:30 p..m.

3-Point Contest

This will follow the conclusion of the Skills Challenge.

NBA All-Star Game

8 p.m.

Dunk Contest

Half-time of the All-Star game.

Each of these can all be found on TNT.


Disclaimer, I am not responsible for any lost money on these bets. I have done research on all of the choices and this is what I believe to be the best choices.

To this date I have won $496.35 on the NBA alone. It is my most profitable league.


All odds are via FanDuel Sportsbook.

All-Star Skills Challenge

  • Luka Doncic (+230)

  • Chris Paul (+250)

  • Julius Randle (+480)

  • Domantas Sabonis (+600)

  • Nikola Vucevic (+600)

  • Robert Covington (+750)

Now Luka Doncic is the favorite like he should be. Him and Chris Paul are the most skillful of the bunch and the only two guards. There is nothing wrong with picking these two, but 4/5 of the last winners were not guards. Karl Anthony-Towns in 2015/16, Kristaps Porzingis in 2016/17, Jayson Tatum in 2018/19 and Bam Adebayo in 2019/20. Spencer Dinwiddie was the only guard to win in 2017/18.

My Pick: Domantas Sabonis (+600)

This is Sabonis' second Skills Contest and I like him to take the crown here. He finished 2nd last year. Ever since Big-Men have been invited to the event in 2015, they have been steadily dominating the guards.

Sleeper: Nikola Vucevic (+600)

Three-Point Contest

  • Steph Curry (+130)

  • Zach Lavine (+450)

  • Mike Conley (+550)

  • Donovan Mitchell (+600)

  • Jaylen Brown (+700)

  • Jayson Tatum (+700)

Now Steph Curry makes a lot of sense as the favorite. He is the greatest shooter of all time. With that being said I am taking Jayson Tatum. Curry is the only player in the field with and win, but picking Curry just feels too obvious.

My Pick: Jayson Tatum (+700)

Sleeper: Mike Conley (+550)

Slam Dunk Contest

  • Cassius Stanley (-130)

  • Obi Toppin (+200)

  • Anfernee Simons (+350)

If you're just a casual NBA fan then you might not recognize some of these names. Cassius Stanley is a high-flying rookie guard out of Duke. He currently plays for the Indiana Pacers. Obi Toppin is a high-flying rookie forward out of Dayton. He currently plays for the New York Knicks. Lastly Anfernee Simons is a third year guard with some hops. He plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Now I as actually surprised when they listed Stanley as the favorite. I for sure thought they would pick Toppin. I still like Stanley though with his odds at (-130).

My Pick: Cassius Stanley (-130)

Sleeper: Literally Toppin or Simons (There's only three guys so there really can't be a sleeper.

NBA All-Star Game

Team LeBron Spread:(-3.5) ML: (-172) Total: (O311.5)

Team Durant Spread:(+3.5) ML: (+144) Total: (U331.5)

I had to throw in the old picture for nostalgic purposes. This NBA was filled with a simpler time. The NBA is doing the format as the 2020 game. The 1st three quarters with be played in 12 minute intervals. The 4th quarter will be won by hitting a target score. The target score will be determined off the leaders score by adding 24 to it. For example if the score is 100-96 at the end of the 3rd quarter then the target score for both teams is 124 points.

With the current format I like team Durant at (+3.5). The format just suits a closer game as teams will start making smarter plays to keep the game close.

I also believe Embiid is MVP this year as long as Team Durant wins the game. If it wasn't for Team LeBron winning last year Embiid would have one the trophy with his play down the stretch. Dame Lillard should have good value if Team LeBron wins.

My Pick: Team Durant (+3.5)

MVP: Joel Embiid (No odds at the time)

Sleeper MVP: Dame Lillard (No odds at the time)


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