"By gawd...that's NCAA Football's music!"

As I combat a quarter life crisis due to this being my final semester of college, a beacon of hope came in support of my childhood.

NCAA football games are back.

We don’t know when. We don’t know how.

All we know is that just because an entire generation is growing up doesn’t mean that we have to stop being kids.

College football fans have had nothing but heartbreak in the video game department ever since the release of NCAA Football 14. Sure, there were some indie games and mods made for Madden and even NCAA Football itself thanks to College Football Revamped. None of these attempts really felt perfect, though. The indie games had some great elements, but suffered in the actual gameplay department. College Football Revamped was near perfect, but lacked the ability to play in a true College Football Playoff format due to limitations.

Now, college football fans are finally getting a completely polished and up to date game that can be enjoyed by all. Thank God.

Some of the best moments of my childhood were spent rebuilding teams on NCAA 14. I took Boise State and Notre Dame to several National Championships, and won almost all of them.

My coach, Willy Williams, became the most sought after coach in all of college football. Nobody could stop the feared triple option except for Willy. Army and Navy became overpowered a few years into dynasty mode thanks to those tactics, but Willy always stood his ground and walked out with a victory.

I created Road to Glory career modes with quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and linebackers. A last second touchdown from quarterback Lee Leslie secured a National Championship for Wyoming one season and remains as one of my favorite video game memories.

There were endless opportunities in NCAA 14. From completely rearranging conferences and changing parameters for bowl games to creating teams on your own on Teambuilder, it was the perfect college football experience.

Nick State, my created school, became a powerhouse in the MAC before getting demolished in the Big Ten by the likes of Ohio State and Michigan.

I’m sure anybody that played the game has those same kinds of memories.

As we wait for more details and pray that EA Sports won’t mess this up, let’s also remain hopeful that we can feel like kids without a worry in the world for just a little while longer.

And hey...maybe the Smackdown vs. Raw series can be next.