Discussions at the Dishwasher: The start of something special

Welcome to Discussions at the Dishwasher: Your one-stop shop for interesting takes and thought provoking opinions.

Discussions at the Dishwasher will be a weekly column/podcast that will discuss some of the hot topics in the world of sports along with some very strong opinions sprinkled on top of that.

Now you may be asking yourself... what kind of name is this? This summer, I was looking for a job, and I found a local eatery that was looking for a dishwasher. I walked into said eatery and sat down for an interview and started polishing dishes two days later.

Now, I work eight to 10 hour shifts per day, so a lot of thoughts and ideas run through my mind during that time. Some are better than others but I thought to myself... why don't I start putting these thoughts into writing and potentially a podcast? Well, here we are.

For this week's opinion piece, we are going to talk about baseball fans favorite part of the season THE TRADE DEADLINE.

Now, I get some teams trade deadline are better than others depending on how you look at it. As most of you know, I am a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, and as the deadline continues to get closer and closer, I continue to think about who is going to get dealt and keep getting excited about what the Pirates will get in return for said players.

Some trade rumors I can get behind like Adam Frazier being shipped off to the White Sox or the New York Mets, or Richard Rodriguez getting traded to Toronto. Others infuriate me because they make no sense whatsoever, such as Bryan Reynolds getting traded to "Insert Team".

In my opinion, Frazier needs to go this season. He is playing some of the best ball of his career, hitting at a .326 clip and to add onto that he has an OPS of .841. The only thing to be wary about is that he has barreled four balls all season and has an average exit velocity of 85.4. It's a lot of soft-hit singles and doubles, but definitely a guy who deserves to play at the top of the lineup elsewhere.

If you are Ben Cherington and the Pittsburgh Pirates, you NEED to deal this guy. He has club control until 2024, which is right around the window of when I think the Pirates will be competing. I know someone will probably say, "If he has club control until 2024, why not keep him?" The answer is simple, look at the farm system. I have a ton of thoughts about the Pirates' farm system, but that is for another week. Players like Nick Gonzales, O'Neil Cruz, and Ji-hwan Bae are all making their way up the Pirates' totem pole and will be here by 2023, so why not ship Frazier off now?

Frazier will most definitely come at a high price, so Pittsburgh should get a slew of prospects in return for the 29 year old second baseman, and that is what you want.

Another guy that has been rumored to be dealt is Richard Rodriguez. Just like Frazier, Rodriguez has been stellar this year, posting a 4-2 record and a 2.82 ERA in 38.1 innings out of the back of the bullpen.

Both of these players are great trade chips to ship off and Cherington should relish these chances to go after prospects to help beef up the minor league system even more.

Now, if a trade is executed, I do understand that there are risks of taking prospects not knowing how or if they will develop into the guys that you thought they would develop into, but by trading away Frazier and Rodriguez, you're potentially going to get some of the top prospects in a system for these guys.

There are also some other veteran players on the Pittsburgh Pirates that have been targeted by some teams, such as Chad Kuhl, Tyler Anderson, and Chris Stratton, and probably the most likely to get moved out of the three would be Anderson.

This is where things start to get juicy. I don't know what it is, but I feel as if everyone that writes for Fansided has had a strange obsessions with Bryan Reynolds. They all think that Bryan Reynolds is going to get traded.

Let me tell you this. If Bryan Reynolds gets dealt at the deadline, I will jump into a pit of fire. Yeah, that's how confident I am with him not getting traded.

Reynolds has returned to his 2019 form, and coming into Sunday, the Vanderbilt product is sitting at a pristine .310 average along with a .921 OPS.

Two different Fansided MLB websites released pieces on why there teams should inquire and acquire Reynolds at the deadline.

First of all, why the heck would a team trade away someone with more than four years of control? Also, Reynolds is still very young, so why would the Pirates even think about trading him away? It makes no sense whatsoever. Even if he was available, his asking price is so high, I don't even know who the Mets or the Mariners would even give Pittsburgh.

I digress, however. All I know is that the Pirates have their two big guys that want to be traded and it will be extremely very interesting to see how this all plays out.