Discussions at the Dishwasher: Uncle Steve needs to calm down

Just three short weeks ago on July 28, the New York Mets held sole possession of first place in the NL East with a record of 54-46 and four game lead in the division. Now they have imploded falling to third place in the division and sit 4.5 games behind the new "king" of the NL East the Atlanta Braves.

A week before the trade deadline the Mets got some much needed pitching depth and landed veteran southpaw Rich Hill from the Tampa Bay Rays. But Hill has struggled in his almost 22 innings of work posting a 4.98 ERA in five games.

When July 30, rolled around the Mets were looking to make a splash at the deadline. They were able to do just that by trading for Javier Baez in a blockbuster deal with the Chicago Cubs. Javy has also struggled in his first handful of games with his new team as in 10 games he has a .171 average with a .559 OPS. That is not what the fans in Flushing were looking for.

But hey you know what I'll throw Javy a bone its only been 10 games so he might turn it around.

After sweeping the Washington Nationals in a series that was filled with wet weather New York headed into a rough part of their schedule where they play the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Fransisco Giants for 13 straight games.

Now I'm no scheduling genius but I feel like playing two of the top teams in baseball back-to-back-to-back-to-back is not what Major League Baseball had in mind.

The Mets have struggled mightily losing the first five games of the gauntlet and have dropped 14 of their past 19 ballgames.

But enough talking about the product on the field because I know that's not what you're here for.

What your here for is for me to talk about Mr. Steve Cohen the richest owner in Major League Baseball.

As the Mets dropped their fifth straight game to the San Fransisco Giants Uncle Steve was sleeping in his penthouse, and when he woke up from his nice long slumber, he decided to voice his opinion to Twitter.

Now once again I'm no genius I'm just an average Joe talking but I don't think someone should express their opinions about their own team in which they own to Twitter. I don't understand why he did that, its just flat out stupid. You're taking shots at guys on one of the most toxic social media platforms who are on YOUR PAYROLL and who get paid MILLIONS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by your franchise that you own.

There are a tons and tons of better ways to do this and I don't have to be a front office guru to know this. Literally get on a zoom call with the team when they're on the road, break into that 13+ billion dollars that you're worth and fly to Northern California and go into the clubhouse to light some fire under this team because right now they do not look like a playoff team.

Met's fans can come at me and say well all of the starters are injured they don't have Javy, deGrom or Lindor. Yeah I know I'm completely aware that they don't have all of their starters out there but that's just the ebbs and flows of the MLB season right there. You gotta be prepared for this.

Just one hour later Uncle Steve claps back at a commenter.

Steve everyone can see that you're team is struggling and quite frankly they don't look like they belong in the playoffs even with Javy and Lindor back. Yeah when deGrom gets back you got him for one start every five days and even when he starts you can't get any runs on the dang board.

So instead of blasting players on the bird app how about going into the clubhouse and confronting them face to face like a real man Uncle Steve.