"I wanna fight everybody!" says Ryan Garcia in a post-fight interview after defeating Luke Campbell

Well, the most anticipated fight in the boxing realm has come and gone as Ryan Garcia (21-0,18 KO) defeated Luke Campbell (20-4,16 KO) Saturday evening at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Tx.

Coming into this fight many wondered how Garcia would fair against a seasoned veteran, someone that could match Garcia's intensity inside the ring.

People doubted Garcia saying that he's never had to fight back in a fight and has never had to face adversity inside the ring.

However, that is a true statement as throughout Garcia's reign through the lightweight division and even as a champion he has never faced any adversity inside the ring just due to the fact that he has dominated 20 of his previous opponents knocking out 18 of them.

Well that all changed this evening in Dallas, Texas as Garcia the rising superstar stepped into the ring against Luke Campbell a seasoned veteran who was also a gold medalist for Great Britain in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

King Ry was able to handle himself well through the first one and a half rounds of the fight being the aggressor landing a couple of shots on Campbell.

But midway through the second round, Campbell connected with a left-hand right on the button, sending Garcia down hard to the canvas. This was what people have been waiting to see. Can Ryan Garcia take a punch get back up and fight on? Well once Garcia was knocked down he quickly regained his composure and continued on in the round.

Garcia spoke about the knockdown in a post-fight interview saying, "It was a good shot when he got me I was cold. He caught me man and I was like oh I got dropped this is crazy."

In the waning moment of the fifth round, Garcia seemed to take control of the fight as he hit Campbell with a flurry of punches. Then at the end of round five Garcia came so close to a knockdown hitting Cambell with a right hook making him stumble but the bell saved the Brit from even more punishment that he was about to take which ended round five.

After that sequence by Garcia, it seemed like he had Campbell right where he wanted him.

Round six was all Garcia as he unloaded on his opponent in the corner and was the aggressor throughout the round.

Then came the fatal blow in round number seven. Ryan Garcia was able to connect with a left hook to the body sending Campell to the ground contemplating whether to get up or not. He was not able to beat the referee's 10 count and the fight was over.

Garcia spoke about his victory, he said, "Naturally I am not even a counter puncher but I showed that I can take it to somebody and I am very happy with my performance."

It will be interesting to see who Garcia's next opponent will be but it will be likely Devon Haney or Gervonta "Tank" Davis.