John Calipari has went off the deep end

Nothing is going right in Lexington, Kentucky. The Kentucky Wildcats (1-5) are off to a dreadful start and things are continuing to get worse and worse.

It hasn't been since the 1926-27 season that the Wildcats have gotten off to this bad of a start.

Now let's be honest, Kentucky's schedule has been anything but easy. After their opening game of the season against Morehead State, who they easily handled, the team has dropped the next five games.

These games included the Richmond Spiders, who are considered one of the top mid-major programs in the country. They lost that game by 12 points. The Wildcats then squared off against Kansas who is one of the top programs in the country. Kentucky played the Jayhawks tough only losing by three. Then came the losses against two ACC programs in Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. To cap it off, the Wildcats lost to the University of North Carolina on Saturday.

Even though these games were played tight, the team looks all out of sorts. Kentucky is shooting a dreadful 42% from the field, and to make matters worse, they are shooting an abysmal 24% beyond the arc. The Wildcats are also averaging 16 turnovers per game.

That just goes to show that there is something going on internally with this program. Even though Kentucky has played a couple of tough games the stats show that this team has been sloppy throughout their first six games

On Monday, the walls continued to crumble as head coach John Calipari announced in a plethora of tweets that he has asked freshman Cam'Ron Fletcher to "step away" from the team after his outburst near the end of Saturday's game.

Calipari and company have hit rock bottom at this point in time. Were Fletcher's actions during the game uncalled called for? Yes, they were, but in such an unprecedented season was this not at all the right move by coach Cal.

It was nice that Fletcher is able to go home but I believe that Calipari overreacted in this situation. The team is struggling and not getting any better. that so-called "culture" that Calipari referenced is not there what so ever.

Instead of announcing on Twitter that he is asking Fletcher to "step away" from the program, Calipari needs to rebuild the culture that is clearly not there and instill in his players a winning culture that has been with the program in years past.

These next couple of weeks will be crucial for the Wildcats if they want any chance of competing in the postseason.