Le'Veon Bell Going to Kansas City Hurts My Soul

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

Le’Veon Bell just pulled off the greatest upgrade in the history of upgrades after signing with the Kansas City Chiefs a day after he was released by the New York Jets.

To call it an upgrade almost doesn’t do the move justice. Moving from an organization that has practically no signs of hope to the defending Super Bowl champions is nothing short of a career saving move.

Bell’s performance in New York was dreadful, but nobody on this earth could convince me that the lackluster numbers he put up were any reflection of his skill.

At 28 years old, Bell is not out of his prime by any circumstances. Despite some major setbacks in the injury category, including a torn MCL back in 2015, Bell still has the talent to be a staple in the backfield of an NFL offense.

His time in New York might have been marred by off field controversies with Head Coach Adam Gase and a weak offensive line that didn’t really support his signature “wait a few seconds before hitting the gap” style. The Jets also shied away from using Bell as a receiving back, something that he found success in at Pittsburgh and something that the Jets planned on doing more of right before Bell’s release.

I get it, Bell’s best season in 2016 was four years ago now. He needs to prove to both the Chiefs and other NFL teams that he can still produce in a major way throughout the remainder of this season.

Kansas City might be coming off of a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, but you cannot truly believe that this team isn’t Super Bowl bound again this year.

As a Pittsburgh fan...that just hurts. The thought of Le’Veon Bell holding the Lombardi Trophy with Patrick Mahomes by his side instead of Ben Roethlisberger makes me feel a sharp pain in my stomach.

Sure, Pittsburgh is undefeated so far this season. Their wins haven’t been against any heavyweights of the league, but I am confident that they will get into the playoffs this year.

My confidence in the current Steelers is still overshadowed by my sadness from the organization’s failures in the mid to late 2010s.

With Roethlisberger, Bell and Antonio Brown on the offensive side of the ball, there was no way Pittsburgh wouldn’t at least reach a Super Bowl with that core.

That is what fans of the organization told ourselves.

Then they lost in the Wild Card round.

Then the Divisional Round.

The Steelers finally made it to the elusive AFC Championship game during the 2016 season for their destined matchup with the Patriots….they lost 36-17.

With the writing on the wall that Bell might hold out for all of the following season unless he and the Steelers could come to a contract agreement, the Steelers hosted the Jaguars in early 2018 for a Divisional Round game.

Another date with the Patriots was imminent...and then the Steelers lost to the Jaguars 45-42.

Bell did indeed hold out the following season. It was over.

Until now, I was content with the fact that the era of Ben, Bell and Brown was over in Pittsburgh.

Then this recent signing with Bell going to Kansas City happened and opened up a chest of bad memories that I didn’t want to relive.

Even though Bell remains one of my favorite players to watch, I cannot fathom the feeling of dread and sorrow I will feel if he gets a ring with the Chiefs.

It isn’t fair that things might play out that way, but I suppose life isn’t fair.

And neither are the football gods.