Mets acquire Lindor, Carrasco

The New York Mets are acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco. I cannot believe I am actually saying that in 2021. Under the old regime, I wouldn't believe this, but with Steve Cohen and Jared Porter, it is happening.

Here are the full parameters of the deal:

TO NYM: INF Francisco Lindor, RHP Carlos Carrasco

TO CLE: OF Isaiah Greene, RHP Josh Wolf, INF Amed Rosario, INF Andres Gimenez

What a deal this is. To get a franchise-altering player such as Lindor (and likely to have him sign an extension) is unreal. Carrasco emboldens the rotation too, so I only see positives out of this. The prospect and player return is underwhelming. While Andres Gimenez will be missed, the other three were not "can't-miss" prospects and will probably slot right into Cleveland's system. Rosario wasn't developing correctly with the Mets, so I can only hope it stays the same in Cleveland.

The pedigree Lindor brings to New York is off the charts. A great hitter and slick fielder check all the boxes for a superstar in this league. While he had a bit of a down year in 2020, he has accrued a great line of stats since he came up in 2015.

SINCE 2015: 777 G, .285/.346/.488, 138 HR, 411 RBI, 118 wRC+, 46 DRS

What a pickup for the Mets this is. A franchise player who shores up the middle infield is great at fielding and is a four-time All-Star who will likely sign an extension, I cannot say enough about how good this deal is. People are already comparing it to the Mookie Betts trade for Los Angeles. Carrasco is also a solid pitcher and will likely slot right into the rotation, and I am happy that they got him too.

The departing players are interesting. Scouts were high on Wolf but not Greene, so I am not mad about the prospect departure, but Gimenez and Rosario are interesting. Andres Gimenez was a bright spot for the Mets last season, he will definitely be missed the most in this trade, but it was also a small sample size. Rosario also has fallen off quite a bit in recent years, so you will not see Mets fans making a big deal about the departures.

As a Mets fan, this is how I felt with the Cespedes trade but 10x more excited. Lindor brings a proven star to the table and Carrasco has been great ever since he came into the league in 2009 and his triumphs over cancer are some of the most heartwarming things ever. The Mets may not be done yet either. Get ready.