Re-Ranking ESPN's Top 100 Players in the NBA for 2020-21 Season: 50-41

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We finally made it, the Top 50. This list is only based off the players ESPN ranked in their Top 100.

So far ranked has been 100-51.

Now lets get started!

50 Marcus Smart

Boston Celtics | SG

ESPN Rank: 37

It seems like Marcus Smart has finally become a respectable shooter in the league. Arguably the most underrated defender in the league, Smart should be in the Defensive Player of the Year award, but never is. He is a player every coach wants, with the way he plays the game. He does not care about stats he just wants to win and will doo whatever to do it.

Smart is a Top 50 player in the league, could be argued to 37, but with the players left it is hard to move him above 50.

49 Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers | PF

ESPN Rank: 64

Love's game has taken a step back from once being considered a Top 20 player. But Love is still a lights out shooter, terrific rebounder, and an underrated playmaker. Love looks to lead a young Cavalier squad in the post LeBron era, as the Cavaliers are the biggest dark horse in the Eastern Conference this year.

64 would not of been bad until you saw all of the players that were ranked ahead of him. Those players were simply just not better than Love.

48 Spencer Dinwiddie

Brooklyn Nets | PG/SG

ESPN Rank: 49

Dinwiddie will be a major factor in the Brooklyn Nets title run. After breaking out last year, while stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sat out due to injury, Dinwiddie found himself as the primary ball-handler and scorer and shined in his new role. He looks to help Caris LeVert in leading any unit that Irving or Durant is not on the floor with.

Dinwiddie is where he should be. A Top 50 player in the league.

47 Ja Morant

Memphis Grizzlies | PG

ESPN Rank: 31

The reigning Rookie of the Year looks to help his Grizzlies team push for the final playoff spot. Morant is an explosive and athletic PG with defensive, playing making, and shot making abilities. The Grizzlies will only be as good as Morant is.

31 was pretty high for Morant. Now he if very good and already Top 50, but there is just some players you cannot put Morant in front, at least not yet.

46 Blake Griffin

Detroit Pistons | PF

ESPN Rank: 65

Most people think of Blake Griffin as an athletic dunker. He is, but he is also so much more. Griffin has developed an offensive arsenal that is heavily underrated. Griffin's step-back 3 is virtually unguardable. He is the Pistons. Without him they don't win.

65 just shows how many people do not know what Griffin is capable of. He is still a Top 50 player in this league.

45 Domantas Sabonis

Indiana Pacers | PF/C

ESPN Rank: 50

Sabonis earned his first All-Star bid last year in a breakout season. He is an excellent, playmaker, rebounder, and scorer. Sabonis looks to improve his game for an improving Pacers team looking to finally get out of the First Round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

When seeing Sabonis I for sure thought ESPN would over value him, not under value. He is a Top 50 player with a high ceiling.

44 Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls | SG

ESPN Rank: 56

Zach LaVine is more than an athletic dunker. LaVine can score at all three levels and has vastly improved his playmaking. He will have to handle the for the Bulls team with two back PGs as their primary PGs in Tomas Satoransky and Coby White. LaVine will have to improve on his defense if he is to become a Top 25 player.

To Rank Lavine outside of the Top 50 is absurd. If you take LaVine off the Bulls they do not win 20 games.

43 Khris Middleton

Milwaukee Bucks | SF/SG

ESPN Rank: 35

Middleton is a shot-creating, three-level-scorer. His game is a nice compliment to Giannis Antetokounmpo. Middleton is the Bucks current second option due to the newness of Jrue Holiday to the team. He is an average defender and will need to keep improving his defense to crack the Top 40.

Middleton has been consistently overrated since 2018. 35 is definitely too high considering the players left to rank.

42 DeMar DeRozan

San Antonio Spurs | SG/SF

ESPN Rank: 82

DeRozan has changed his game to compliment his Spurs teammates. Only one season of ever having an outside shot, DeRozan still remains one of the league's greatest mid-range shooter in league history. DeRozan is declining, but that comes with age. He is the most valuable player on the Spurs and will determine how far they can go.

Ranking DeRozan 82 should be a crime that it punishable by the electric chair. He is declining, but he is still Top 50 by a lot.

41 Jamal Murray

Denver Nuggets | PG

ESPN Rank: 21

Jamal Murray is a scorer and a bucket getter. He was phenomenal in the NBA playoffs. He finally broke out on the scene as a respectable NBA PG. Murray still has some improvements to make though. His defense is lackluster and his playmaking could be better.

Murray at 21 is a classic case of overhyping. Murray is arguably the most-overrated player in the NBA, because he can put up big points, but the Bubble seems to be the only time he could consistently due it in his career. Murray at 21 is just as bad as DeRozan at 82 and Michael Porter Jr at 51.

The next edition will include players 40-31.


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