Re-Ranking ESPN's Top 100 Players in the NBA for 2020-21 Season: 60-51

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

It is time for another NBA Re-Rank!

So far player 100-61 have been ranked. 60-51 is up next!

Lets get this show on the road!

60 Malcolm Brogdon

Indiana Pacers | PG

ESPN Rank: 39

Brogdon had a breakout year in his first year in Indiana. He took over the scoring duties until Victor Oladipo was able to return. Brogdon is a quality PG, that can defended and score at all levels. He looks to have a better understanding of how to play with a full healthy team this year.

39 was just too high for Brogdon after his bubble performance. Brogdon can definitely become a Top 50 player, but he's not there yet.

59 Serge Ibaka

Los Angeles Clippers | C

ESPN Rank: 66

Ibaka has played a vital role in Toronto's championship success. He is the ideal modern day NBA center that can shoot at a high-level and still protect the rim. Ibaka made the move to the LA Clippers in the offseason where he looks to become the starting Center.

66 did no feel right for how well Ibaka played last season. Ibaka finally gets back his starting role in a team that is better than his last.

58 Robert Covington

Portland Trail Blazers | SF/PF

ESPN Rank: 60

Covington is one of the best 3 and D wings in the game. Covington will like guard the best wing on the opposing team. He was flipped in the offseason to Portland for Trevor Ariza. Covington looks to provide some much needed defense for a Portland team that could not defend last year.

60 was pretty good for Covington. Luckily for him he was ranked behind two players that he is better than.

57 TJ Warren

Indiana Pacers | SF

ESPN Rank: 63

TJ Warren really broke out in the NBA bubble. He had multiple 50-point games leading the Pacers to the four seed in the East. Warren's offensive game is there, he still needs to improve defensively to help make the Pacers a real contender in the East, rather than a 1st round playoff exit.

63 did not do Warren just for his bubble performance. Depending on how well his bubble play translates is whether or not Warren can be a Top 50 player.

56 Gordon Hayward

Charlotte Hornets | SF

ESPN Rank: 45

Hayward's Boston tenure was underwhelming and filled with injuries. Hayward looks for a fresh start on a Hornets team in need of a leading scorer. Hayward a quality defender with a platoon of offensive skill. He just needs a place to showcase his skills like he did in Utah before Boston.

45 seemed high for a guy who has not looked himself in three years. Hopefully a fresh start can bring him back into the Top 50.

55 Fred VanVleet

Toronto Raptors | SG/PG

ESPN Rank: 40

VanVleet will look to take his game too another level this season. He is an undersized two guard, but plays bigger than he is. He can defend, shoot, and finish at a high rate. His play will determine how far the Raptors can go this postseason.

VanVleet is not a Top 50 player yet, very close but the players lister ahead of him are better. Plain and simple.

54 Deandre Ayton

Phoenix Suns | C

ESPN Rank: 52

Ayton is in his third year after being picked before Luka Doncic and Trae Young. He will be the reason whether the Suns make or miss the postseason. Ayton and the Suns looked good at the beginning of the season, then Ayton was suspended and the rest was history.

52 was a good rank, but he just was not better than two of the other players ESPN had ranked higher.

53 Dennis Schroder

Los Angeles Lakers | PG

ESPN Rank: 79

Schroder was robbed of the 6th man of the year award last season. This offseason he was flipped to LA for Danny Green where he looks to become the starting PG. Schroder has gotten better every year and looks to elevate his game on a team with championship aspirations.

Ranking Schroder 79 should be a crime. Schroder is arguably a Top 50 player in the league who keeps getting better.

52 Tobias Harris

Philadelphia 76ers | PF/SF

ESPN Rank: 57

Harris has not seemed to improve too much during his tenure in Philly. His offense has always been electric and it has improved slightly. His defense can get better and it has but not enough. The 76ers can go as far as their 3rd scoring option can take them.

Harris is not Top 50, but he keeps flirting with the Top 50 line. He is better than 57 but not by much.

51 Steven Adams

New Orleans Pelicans | C

ESPN Rank: 70

Adams is a Top 10 NBA center and arguably the toughest player in the league. His defense is unmatched and one of the best. His offense is still improving but has looked better every season. He was traded in the offseason to New Orleans has Oklahoma City looks to rebuild.

ESPN raves about Adams and then underrates him in their rankings. Adams deserves better than 70, but is on the fringe of being Top 50.

Next up is 50-41.


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