Re-Ranking ESPN's Top 100 Players in the NBA for 2020-21 Season: 80-71

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Back at it again with another addition of the NBA Re-Rank.

I have already ranked 100-81. The next rank will be 80-71.

So let's get it started!

80 Bogdan Bogdanovic

Atlanta Hawks | SG

ESPN Rank: 62

Bogdanovic is a terrific shooter with subpar defensive abilities. He was on of the better players on an injured and bad Kings team. The team's lack of coaching ability also did not help. Bogdanovic looks to play a bigger role for the Hawks this year.

62 is just unreasonable for a player that has shown he needs to improve his defense vastly.

79 Tyler Herro

Miami Heat | SG

ESPN Rank: 59

Tyler Herro is an exhilarating rookie from last year. He shows the willingness to play hard defense and do all the littler things. His shot creating and making was outstanding for a rookie. He looks to gain a bigger offensive role this year for the Heat.

With that being said 59 is absurd. This ranking came with recency bias as Herro was not even the best rookie on the Heat last year. Fellow rookie Kendrick Nunn finished second on Rookie of the Year voting.

78 Christian Wood

Houston Rockets | C

ESPN Rank: 55

Wood had his first breakout season for the Detroit Pistons this year. Wood is a good Center with length and a nice shooting touch. He looks to play a vital role for the Rockets as either the starting or backup big man.

55 is high for a guy who barely played until the starter in front of him was traded. Until Wood shows more and gets more playing time top 70 is out of reach.

77 Josh Richardson

Dallas Mavericks | SG

ESPN Rank: 80

Richardson was dealt in the offseason to Dallas for Seth Curry. Richardson can guard 1-4 very well and has a good shooting stroke. He is also an underrated scorer that will look to help out Luka Doncic in multiple ways.

80 was not bad, but he is better than the three ESPN had originally ranked ahead of him.

76 PJ Tucker

Houston Rockets | C

ESPN Rank: 72

PJ Tucker might have player his toughest role in the league yet, Center. Tucker was a 6'5 Center for the Houston Rockets last year. Tucker is a tough guy, that can guard 1-5 and shoot threes with consistency.

72 was pretty good for Tucker, but there were just too many people that needed to move up resulting in Tucker's tumble.

75 Davis Bertans

Washington Wizards | PF

ESPN Rank: 61

Bertans is a lights-out shooter for the Wizards. He looks to be the third scoring option behind superstars Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal. Bertans biggest improvement needs to be his perimeter defense.

61 does not feel right until Bertans can improve his defense.

74 Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors | PF

ESPN Rank: 44

Two years a go Green was arguably the top defender in the league. He was a top 50 player. Those days have passed. His defense is still Top 10. He offense is his biggest weakness. Outside of playmaking he is no threat offensively.

44 is a rank of what Draymond used to be. 74 for is more accurate for what his skillset currently consists of.

73 Lonzo Ball

New Orleans Pelicans | PG

ESPN Rank: 54

After leaving the bright light so Los Angeles, Ball finally look to come into his own as a player. New Orleans was just the fresh start he needed. A good playmaker and defender Ball looks to keep improving his jumper every year.

54 is high for a player that might not even be the starting PG on his team. 73 suit Lonzo as he looks to play for a big contact this year.

72 Bojan Bogdanovic

Utah Jazz | PF

ESPN Rank: 73

Bogdanovic is an underrated scorer who hit big shots for the Jazz all year. His presence was missed immensely in the bubble as they tried to find another scorer behind Donovan Mitchell when Mike Conley or Jordan Clarkson were having an off night.

Bogdanovic got the benefit to move up one spot when ESPN ranked too many player ahead of him.

71 Buddy Hield

Sacramento Kings | SG

ESPN Rank: 87

Hield's biggest knock is his defense, something he has improved every year. His offense is unmatched. If he has any opening he will not miss from three. He looks to regain his starting job back after Bogdanovic's departure.

Being ranked 87 is a crime to Hield. His defense is the reason, but it is much better than the experts give him credit for.

70-61 is next!


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