Re-Ranking ESPN's Top 100 Players in the NBA for 2020-21 Season: 90-81

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Back at it again with another addition of the NBA Re-Rank.

I already ranked players 100-91 and today I will be ranking players 90-81.

So let's get the party started.

90 Brook Lopez

Milwaukee Bucks | C

ESPN Rank: 86

Lopez is a force to reckoned with on the Defensive end. His NBA All-Defensive Second Team helped the Bucks finish with the leagues best record and best defensive efficiency rating. Lopez saved his career by developing his 3-point shot.

86 is a decent rating for Lopez, but he is just not better than some of the other players on this list.

89 Marcus Morris Sr.

Los Angeles Clippers | PF/SF

ESPN Rank: 99

Morris was the best player for the Knicks last year, resulting in the Clippers wanting his services. Morris is a quality wing that shoot, defend, and create his own shot. With the departure of Montrezl Harrell, if Lou Williams has a bad night, Morris will have to become the 3rd option behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

99 was disrespectful to someone of Morris's caliber. Buy ranking him any higher than 89 just would not make sense.

88 Jerami Grant

Detroit Pistons | PF

ESPN Rank: 88

Jerami Grant's game has evolved tremendously over his time in the league. He started as a versatile defender who could guard 1-5. Now he can put the ball on the deck and score and he can shoot, well.

88 is the correct rank for Grant.

87 Jarrett Allen

Brooklyn Nets | C

ESPN Rank: 94

Jarrett Allen is one of the most underrated Centers in the NBA. He is a legitimate rim-protector and his offensive game is more developed then most think. His biggest problem is splitting time with veteran Center DeAndre Jordan.

94 was too low considering some of the players ranked ahead of Allen by ESPN.

86 Dejounte Murray

San Antonio Spurs | PG

ESPN Rank: 83

Murray is one of the most underrated PGs in the league. His defense and playmaking are top tier with some of the best. His shot is not awful, but needs to be consistent to move up high on the list.

83 is not bad, but I just could not put him higher than 86.

85 Seth Curry

Philadelphia 76ers | SG

ESPN Rank: 91

Seth Curry might honestly be a better shooter than his brother Steph. Steph shoots 43.5%. Seth shoots 44.3%. Those percentages are phenomenal. Curry was flipped for Josh Richardson in the offseason and looks to fulfill the old JJ Reddick role for the 76ers.

91 was too low for Curry's shooting ability. 85 places him just right.

84 Joe Ingles

Utah Jazz | SF

ESPN Rank: 89

Ingles looks like a guy that should not be good at basketball, but then snatches your ankles and drills a 3 in your eye during a pick up game at the park. Ingles is one of the top wing defenders in the league with a great shooting stroke. He plays a vital role in Utah's playoffs aspirations.

89 just did not show enough love to Ingles.

83 OG Anunoby

Toronto Raptors | SF

ESPN Rank: 68

Don't get me wrong Anunoby is a great player. Good shooter, great defender, but 68 is too high. He just is not there yet and the one year rentals of Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard did not help his development.

There is just too many players who would be disrespected if Anunoby was ranked 68.

82 John Wall

Houston Rockets | PG

ESPN Rank: 81

Now we have not seen John Wall since 2018 due to an Achilles injury. When Wall got hurt the top PGs in the league at the time were as follows: Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Dame Lillard, Chris Paul, John Wall. Wall's biggest question after being flipped to Houston for Russell Westbrook is how will his game translate after his injury. Wall was a speed guy with a streaky shot before the injury. What is he now?

81 is fair for a guy that everyone knows has talent, but also has not played since 2018.

81 LaMarcus Aldridge

San Antonio Spurs | PF

ESPN Rank: 95

If you have ever watched Aldridge play then you know defense is not his game. Aldridge is a bucket getter, plain and simple. He punished anyone that tries to guard him in the post. With that being said he is getting older and definitely slowing down. His ranking will probably keep falling, but not as quick as ESPN has it.

95 is disrespect for a guy that can still drop 50 points and 10 rebounds on any given night.

Stay tuned for 80-71!


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