The Major League Baseball Expanded Playoffs Need to Stay

Oh, baseball purists how you always complain. When Commissioner Rob Manfred announced on July 23rd that the MLB postseason would be expanded from 10 to 16 teams the purists began to hurl insults at Major League Baseball.

Now look I understand that this is an adjustment from the normal playoffs but I believe that these playoffs will stay for one reason and one reason only MORE MEANINGFUL BASEBALL.

As most people know by now the top two teams in each division in the National League and American League will make the playoffs along with two other Wild Card teams. Everyone will play in the wild card round which is different than the old system where the bottom two teams that qualified would play each other in a one and done playoff game. I was never a fan of the one and done playoff game so I felt like this was a plus for the teams and fans in the playoffs.

The best thing about the expanded playoffs is a chance to see the younger teams and the youngest stars of the game. Teams this year such as the Toronto Bluejays and the Chicago White Sox in the American League and in the National league the Miami Marlins fit the mold of these teams. They might not have won in the Wildcard round but it was a nice sight to see some of the younger players in the league get a taste of the Postseason

There have been reports that the expanded playoffs may not be around for long as this is just for the "pandemic season". I want this to last because the games that we saw early on in the postseason were some of the most exciting games I've watched all year.

Some would argue that the regular season doesn't count anymore because more than half the teams make the postseason anyway. I would argue that the regular season is more important than ever because you are fighting for seeding and home-field advantage.

There is something about playoff baseball that always gets me. I watch the postseason for all of the nervous at-bats late in the game and clutch home runs. Having an expanded postseason has allowed me to watch some great close games and fulfill my hunger for those clutch AB's and crazy reactions from the dugouts.

We will have to see what commissioner Manfred will decide to do with the way the Postseason is formatted when it is time for the MLB to renew their CBA which is up at the end of the 2021 season.