The Return of the Black Jerseys Signifies a Return of my Childhood

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The black jerseys are back! Image Credit: New York Mets

Steve Cohen has done it.

Months and months of fans pestering both him and the Mets's social media accounts to bring back the black jerseys have finally paid off-- the black jerseys are coming back!

Words cannot describe how great this is, and while them going on sale in stores is another story, I am just so happy to see that they are back.

The return of the black jerseys hits me with a wave of nostalgia and, for a brief moment, my childhood lives on. Some of my earliest memories are of the Mets wearing the black jerseys.

The black jerseys are representative of the era of not only Mets baseball but the baseball I grew up watching, and some of the best moments are of the Mets in black jerseys, including several in 2000 and the NL East clincher in 2006.

I can picture now Al Leiter, John Franco and Mike Piazza all donning the black jersey as they throw the ceremonial first pitch for the first game they wear them.

Mets players lobbied for them all offseason, and I cannot believe they went through with it. They better be brought back for a Sunday Night Baseball game or something so the entire world can see how great they look. Can't wait to see guys like Pete Alonso, Marcus Stroman and Michael Conforto in a black jersey in a baseball game.

2012 marked the final season the Mets wore these jerseys, and with that, an amazing eight-year era of Mets baseball where they made the postseason three times and got to showcase the black jerseys off down the stretch ended.

The black jerseys go so well with night games, and I sincerely hope the Mets execute them right. One of my first jerseys was a black one, and now, several great Mets moments from my childhood are running through my head. I am so happy.