The Time is Now to End the TikToks

Before anyone says it, no, this is not the reason the Steelers are on a three-game losing streak and look like uninterested children performing a below-average elementary school play.

The problems with the team include injuries, horrendous play calling, and a long range of deeper rooted problems.

Though this is the case, how on earth has someone not stopped JuJu from dancing around on TikTok?

I don’t hate fun or players enjoying their time while living out their childhood dream of being an NFL player. What I do hate is the fact that it makes the team look like a bunch of arrogant pricks since nobody has brought an end to it.

Making and prioritizing these while on a three game losing streak just looks plain bad.

When you’ve gone from the top of world to looking like the most incompetent team in the league in less than a calendar month, priorities need to change.

It reflects poorly on an organization when the alleged number one receiver on that team seems to be more interested in fighting for his TikToks than for his team’s record.

If JuJu was backing it up on the field, I wouldn’t care as much. I own a jersey of his, he gives back to the community, and I really enjoy the way that he does his thing and lives life to the fullest.

There comes a time, however, when you need to be able to read the room.

Is the Steelers’ fanbase a little too critical and quick to bail on their team at times of trouble? Yes.

But being upset with virtually everything going on right now within the organization is completely valid. There doesn’t appear to be anything being done to get the Steelers back on track.

So I cannot help but agree with fans that think these TikToks are in absolutely awful taste at a time like this. It reflects the team right now...unfocused and content with doing the same thing and expecting the same results.

Wait a minute. Isn’t that what the definition of insanity is?

It’s fitting since you have to be insane to think this is okay at this point.